Even Trees Can’t Save Us – There’s Too Much CO2

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There is so much CO2 from the Air that planting trees can’t save us.

There is not enough space on Earth to plant the number of trees it would take to avoid the climate from heating by 2 degrees Celcius.

Humans emit approximately 30 to 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere every year.

If we keep this up, Earth will continue to warm up and eventually devastate all life.

So how can we resolve this growing issue?

Most researchers agree that we need a way to catch some of that CO2 from the atmosphere. 1 idea is to plant plenty of trees. Trees use CO2 to grow. They also release oxygen which we need to breathe, so it is a win-win.

However, studies imply that we can not grow enough trees to reduce the quantity of CO2 sufficiently to help us meet the goals set by the Paris Agreement.

In fact, we would need to cover the whole contiguous US with trees merely to capture 10% of the CO2 we emit annually.

There is just not enough space on Earth to have the farmland necessary to feed the world in addition to the area to plant the essential number of trees.

In other words, lots of people would starve if we attempted using trees to fix our emissions problem.