Best Flooring for a Crane Company

Selecting the best floor for a crane hire company is not an easy task. One needs to consider several aspects because it’s a busy environment that is constantly under the pressure of heavy cranes and other machines. For this reason, a company needs to consider style, functionality and durability of the floor. Choosing the appropriate flooring will ensure that work activities that go on in the building can be easily carried out, people can easily walk without sliding, and the floors will be durable for a long time without wearing out.

There are several aspects that one needs to consider when selecting the flooring of a crane hiring company, because the wrong decision may lead to a waste of funds, bad business, and accidents due to floor failure. In most cases, the flooring of the crane industry is usually faced with most of the following abuse:

1. Impacts
2. Thermal shock
3. Abrasion
4. Moisture Ingress

These negative impacts on the floor are no doubt capable of rendering the floor inefficient and ineffective to carry out its tasks. This may include causing cracks, making the surface porous, and weakening the surface of the building.

Things to Consider before installing a Floor in a Crane Company

There are several aspects that you need to consider before installing a new floor in your crane company. For instance, to effectively move the cranes in, out and around the site you need a flat surface. Bumpy surfaces may cause the crane to vibrate while moving, rendering the surface even weaker. Additionally, you should keep in mind the type of chemicals that the floor will be in contact with. Usually, this can be grease and oil spillage.

Similarly, you need to keep in mind the type of activities that will be taking place at the crane hiring site and the frequency of activities. Since this is a crane hiring company there will be frequent movement of cranes in and out of the site. Also, you need to consider the cost of initial installation, repairing of the floor, cost of keeping it clean, and its approximate lifespan.

All these considerations are essential so that you may invest in having the best choice that will suit your company needs.

Types of Crane Flooring

Floor Hardener Concrete Floor

This type of concrete is common among crane sites. This is because the concrete is hardened to withstand the constant moving of cranes and the weight of cranes in a site. Concrete floor is durable and can withstand any form of pressure exerted. It can either be built suspended or on grade. It has the basic characteristics of concrete floors.


Industrial Tiles

Industrial tiles are mostly used in industrial places; however, it can be used in crane industries due to their characteristics. These tiles have a great breaking strength and can easily withstand a heavy crane load.


Polished Concrete

Polished concrete has become popular in recent years. It portrays an awesome style due to its polished appearance and shows great durability when used. Polished concrete is used in instances when one cannot use industrial tiles. Additionally, it’s used as an alternative to hardwood flooring and carpet.


Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is common in industrial sites due to its versatility and durability. Epoxy is easy to clean and maintain and can withstand heavy traffic on the site without being ruined in any way. This is because it’s made up of several layers of epoxy to form the flooring.


Selecting the right flooring depends on several aspects. The cost and functionality of the floor in the crane site is of importance as well as its durability. With the above considerations, you can select your preferred floor for your crane hiring company.