Architectural Aluminium Facades

Aluminium modern architecture

Modern style architecture originated from the establishment of the Bauhaus School, the concepts of this school, which have a profound impact on contemporary architecture designs and styles. The main purpose of modern style architecture is to create a mechanical environment that allows artists to accept the most labour-saving environment of modern production. This kind of technical aesthetics is the biggest revolution in architectural decoration in this century.

Since entering the 21st century, modern architecture has increasingly begun to pursue simplicity and metallic texture. For modern-style buildings, the display of the facade is the key to reflecting its hard power. Its “face value” echoes the urban feeling expressed by the architecture. Therefore, when designers build a brand-new building, the choice of exterior wall materials becomes more and more important. Exterior walls with aluminium timber look cladding reflect modern architecture trends.

With the rise of modern-style buildings, the exterior wall decoration materials of new buildings are also developing rapidly. Buildings can be regarded as works of art in many ways, and the original and imaginative exterior or walls can give it real character and originality. Aluminium is ideal for creative and functional buildings. With its unique performance, it can be shaped according to custom designs – such as for a curved wall design feature –  and has long-lasting durability. Even better, aluminium can be recycled repeatedly without losing quality, making it the first choice for sustainable and “green” construction.

Materials such as glass curtain walls, dry hanging stones, and carved aluminium veneers are increasingly appearing in people’s vision, becoming high-end Three major architectural decorations. Among them, the development of “high-value” carved aluminium veneer has become the best choice for many high-end architectural curtain wall decorations.

Under the illumination of the light, walking between big towns, you can see the carved aluminium alloy veneer of the curtain wall is particularly beautiful and neat. Urban buildings transformed from carved aluminium finishes form a unique and beautiful landscape. This is the decorative charm of the carved aluminium veneer.

Aluminium architecture curved wall

Aluminium veneer architectural advantages 

  1. Atmospheric appearance and exquisite workmanship;
  2. Lightweight, good rigidity, high strength; good weather resistance and welding performance;
  3. Easy to clean, maintain, and have excellent anti-pollution performance;
  4. Wide choice of colours and good decoration effect. Compared with the traditional aluminium-plastic panel, it has the characteristics of easy on-site processing and low loss, especially the rigidity and strength greatly exceed the aluminium-plastic panel curtain wall.
  5. The carved aluminium veneer is sprayed with fluorocarbon, which will not be corroded by ultraviolet rays, humidity, temperature and atmosphere, and will never fade; the board is light and easy to install, and it has good bending strength and excellent wind pressure resistance.

If your exterior wall decoration wants to be tall, beautiful, and practical, then use carved aluminium veneer material.

Colour and surface

The special surface and deformation characteristics of aluminium allow it to be shaped creatively according to your design. Combined with natural or coloured anodizing, it can create a unique architectural appearance frame. This can bring you more creative architectural inspiration!

Aluminium veneer exterior wall advantages

  1. The outer wall of the aluminium veneer is processed from an aluminium plate, which has the advantage of good manufacturability.
  2. Compared with marble slabs and stainless steel slabs, the aluminium veneer exterior wall has the advantages of a lightweight, good rigidity, high strength, and high tensile strength.
  3. The aluminium veneer exterior wall installation is convenient and quick.
  4. The aluminium veneer exterior wall has the advantages of good durability and corrosion resistance.
  5. The aluminium veneer exterior wall can be treated with a variety of surface treatments, with uniform coating and diverse colours. Greatly enrich the decorative effect of the building.
  6. The aluminium veneer curtain wall can be recycled and reused, which is good for environmental protection.
  7. The aluminium veneer exterior wall is not easy to stain, easy to clean, and maintain.